1. One platform for data reconciliation tools, setup migrations, integrations, big data ingestions, and archival
2. dataZap has 9000+ pre-built templates ensure coverage of more than 200 applications
3. Data quality engine has pre-configured rules to profile, clean, enrich & correct data
4. Configurable, agile, and low code/no code integration platform
5. Fully cloud-enabled ETL software so usage can be immediate
6. Pay only for the data you move.



1. dataZen is a Single Platform for Data Quality Management (DQM), Governance & Master Data Management (MDM)
2. Multi-domain approach to MDM tools so nothing is left behind
3. Configurable and agile, with very little or no programming
4. Built-in data quality platform for profiling, de-duplication, consolidation and more
5. Easy-to-build workflows with data governance tools
6. Combines effective business discipline facets into an easy to use product
7. 9000+ data connection templates to 200+ Enterprise Applications, databases and data lakes



1. The Data Catalog component of dataZense offers collection of metadata, combined with search, data, and metadata management tools. Data catalog tools help analysts and other data users find the data they need quick. Data cataloging serves as a business metadata enriched inventory of available data and provides additional technical information to evaluate the data's fitness for intended uses.

2. dataZense is a holistic data and analytics platform. It provides rapid results by following the most efficient processes to ensure governance and quality to bring forth single truth information at all times, thus driving sustainable decision-making across businesses.
With customization at the forefront of our design principles, you can design and receive charts, reports and results in a visually, in the exact way that you want to.


Smart App Builder

1. No-Code to Low Code Application Development (iPaaS Solution)
2. Rapid Application Development (RAD) Framework
3. Visual Development Approach
4. Drag and Drop Design Tools
5. Functional Components into Visual Workflow
6. Prebuilt Application Templates, reusable code and great Customer Experience (CX)
7. Prebuilt Integration Data Templates for Major Applications (ERPs).


Smart BOTS

1. Use automated regression testing, load testing tools, and performance testing to make sure everything functions as it should.
2. Every day business processes are optimized and accelerated with BOTS
3. Mass data loads executed and validated in a fraction of the usual time
4. BOTS configurable for html and desktop applications
5. Highly scalable performance with a built-in parallel processing engine
6. Ready to use "playbacks" for 50+ apps including Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and Workday®
7. Excellent Customer Experience (CX)