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What we do

A staggering 44% of C-level execs say they delay decision making due to the unavailability of reliable data. We will help you to centralize data management, and the decisions that the data drive, consider the complexities that digital disruptions and digital transformations can add.

How we do

The Smart data platform has streamlined the Pipeline EDM process and data management services over the years, and has laid down the golden approach to ensuring that you control the data, and not vice versa.


Data Enrichment

The source of master data, especially data from some legacy systems, may not have all the values needed for the new modern target applications. This calls for additional enrichments of attribute columns which can be very helpful for improved operations, reporting, and analytics.


Data Loading

We provides 4000+ data loading templates for SAP, Oracle Cloud Applications, Oracle EBS, JDE, PSOFT, Siebel etc. OTB. These templates support setups, master and transactional data (both open and historical) loading.


Data Integration and Synchronization

Data from upstream systems need to be brought into MDM, and from MDM the data need to be sent to several downstream systems. For this purpose, the dataZap Integration engine is effectively used.


Data Quality Dashboard

dataZen constantly measures the quality of the master data and provides the trend for data duplication, standardization, and data completeness.


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